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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Do Authors Need Social Media to Be Successful?

    In a nutshell, authors who are proficient at using social media to promote their books have a sizable advantage over authors who don’t use it as one of their book marketing methods, but authors can still make a decent monthly revenue without Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I sell a generous amount of books each month without social media but not for a lack of trying. I used Twitter before the pandemic to promote my books and a blog that I had at the time but wasn’t too productive in doing so. The time that I spent finding followers exceeded the time that I spent writing, so I inevitably closed my account once I realized there was no profit in being on Twitter’s website. Trying to get people to follow me by following them first was a colossal waste of my time because very few of them were even interested in reading my books or my blog.

Social Media Platforms

    I’m a Gen Xer, so the Internet and social media weren’t around during my formable years. I wasn’t popular growing up either, so the idea of having thousands of followers on a social media platform was foreign to me. Trying to win a popularity contest didn’t suit me back in the day and still doesn’t suit me today as I’m not motivated by multiple followers liking my posts. However, if there was a way that I could navigate my way on a social media site and successfully promote my books without spending too much time on it, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    Although it’s profitable for authors to have a strong social media presence online, it’s not a necessity in order to sell books. Blogging and pay-per-click advertising internet sites like Amazon Ads or Google Ads help authors sell numerous books monthly and earn a great supplement income in the process.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Should Authors Incorporate Google AdSense to Their Blogs?

    I read somewhere that authors shouldn’t add Google AdSense to their blogs because readers will click on these ads and never return. That’s simply not true. In fact, the majority of the visitors that a blog receives don’t even click on AdSense ads, and a blogger would be lucky if one out of every hundred visitors did so. That leaves the remaining ninety-nine visitors on a blog to merely read posts.

    The key to creating and maintaining a popular blog is to produce great content so that visitors will subscribe and return to the site to read additional articles and adding AdSense to the mix won’t hurt the author if readers are well informed and/or entertained by what they’ve read. A blogger will qualify for AdSense once he or she has posted twenty to twenty-five high quality, original articles. However, a site won’t receive significant traffic for six months to a year, and the benchmark for a successful blog is one hundred posts.

    In conclusion, it’s okay to get the jump on placing Google AdSense ads on a blog so that earnings are instant and consistent once it becomes popular. Integrating AdSense to a blog is also an excellent stream of revenue that can be coupled with the Amazon royalties that an author receives each month. An author should produce valuable evergreen content as well so that readers can benefit from it for many years to come.

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