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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Is America Ready for a Cashless Society?

    The Great Reset is happening right before our eyes, and many people are too blind to see it. Humanity is on the brink of World War III, famine and pestilence are practically in full swing, and crime and murder rates are off the charts. The beginning of 2 Esdras Chapter 15 is playing out like the opening scene of a movie, and we’re in the beginning stages of a cashless society. Once check writing becomes completely obsolete, it’s only a matter of time before cash is eliminated from circulation. I liken this situation to a frog being placed in a pot of water and the heat being turned up ever so slowly to the point that the frog doesn’t realize it’s being boiled alive until it’s too late. So, what are the ramifications of having a cashless society? Things are only going to get worse and here’s why.

 A Cashless Society Means the End of Small Business.

    There are still small businesses that rely heavily on cash because they can’t afford the fees associated with credit card terminals. For example, takeout restaurants and convenient stores that aren’t franchised, barbers and hairstylists who have their own shops, and currency exchanges will suffer the most; and only the strongest businesses will survive a reset like this. Venues like concert halls or sporting arenas have already implemented credit and debit card only events, and this will inevitably trickle down to other businesses in the not so distant future.

Cashless Society

 Cybercrime Will Increase.

    Once cash becomes obsolete, there will be a significant rise in cybercrime in the underground economy. The days of selling drugs and illegal guns or prostitution will be a thing of the past, but there will be a dramatic increase in credit card fraud and individual bank accounts being hacked. The common criminal will either adapt or become extinct as the dark underbelly as we know it will evolve into something much worse.

 There Will Be Sedition Among Men.

    As the price of gas and food continue to rise, there will be a steady decline in the economy. Food shortages across the globe are starting to manifest, joblessness is on the rise, and homelessness is at an all-time high. Society is on the brink of collapse and doing away with the dollar will send the country into an economic tailspin. Once this happens, there will be civil unrest, murder, and mayhem everywhere.

    A cashless economy is equated to a locomotive with no brakes hurtling to destruction. The stage is set for a complete collapse of this system―the perfect storm if you will. People can sense that the end is near, but nothing can be done to stop it.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Book Review: This Game Has No Loyalty II by June

    More drama unfolded as Junior was arrested but never charged with Drez’s murder―the guy who tried to murder him after his right-hand man, La, set him up. La was also presumed dead, but the police weren’t privy to that information. Their only concern was pinning Drez’s murder on Junior, but he didn’t cave into the pressure. The police eventually had to release him because they had no real evidence against him, but his problems had only just begun.

    Meanwhile, KB was recovering from the wounds that he sustained from the robbery at the nightclub―Junior’s side chick Muffin had shot him and incited a riot afterward. Gloria had realized that her best friend and Junior's main girl, Shondra, had betrayed her by trying to pump her for info about KB the entire time so that she could set him up to be killed by Junior, who wanted KB dead for a botched robbery and attempt on his life in the Baptiste housing project.

    Book 2 delivers a knockout punch just like the first one did, as it was action-packed from start to finish. Sex, drugs, fast money, murder, and betrayal are par for the course here―the players involved grow up fast and die young in this tale as opportunities in this section of Brooklyn are scare. I really enjoyed reading June’s second installment and look forward to the third volume of the series. 

    My Rating: ★★★★★

 This Game Has No Loyalty Part II - Hustle for Life by [JUNE]


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