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Monday, March 28, 2022

How Many Self Edits Are Necessary for a Manuscript?

    An author should perform as many self-edits as needed in order to display the best possible product on marketplaces online. It usually takes me no more than five complete self-edit cycles―one cycle entails the corrections, refinements, and insights of the manuscript from the Microsoft Editor first and use of the Red Aloud feature last. I use the Editor to clean up the grammatical errors that I make and use the Read Aloud feature to listen for the mistakes that the Editor doesn’t catch. Once I run this cycle five times, I then feel confident enough to upload my polished manuscript on Amazon.

    The next question is whether to hire a freelance editor to proofread your work―a second set of eyes, so to speak. Well, that’s entirely up to the author in my opinion. However, it’s been my experience that most of the freelance proofreaders that I’ve used in the past weren’t any better at catching mistakes than I was, and ultimately, I felt like I was throwing money away in a sense. Microsoft 365 Family has taken away the need for a freelancer, and in turn, saved me a lot of money overall.

    Self-editing a manuscript is an unavoidable step in insuring an author produces a novel worthy of their loyal readers. Avoiding this step and placing the responsibility of editing solely on the freelancer is at the discretion of the author, though I wouldn’t recommend it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Did Putin Kick Off WWIII?

    The superpowers of the world have been dancing around the fact that nuclear destruction of the planet is inevitable―the first thermonuclear weapon was detonated on the Marshall Islands in 1952, and countries like Russia and the U.S. have been stockpiling nuclear arms ever since. There also has been wars and rumor of wars for the last seventy years―numerous skirmishes between various nations but not all out world war that was prophesied in the Bible thousands of years ago.

Archaic Map of Gog and Magog

    The Book of Revelation talks about the return of the Lord and the destruction of the world in a future prophecy, and prophets like Daniel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and John the Revelator each had similar visions of the end times that we’re witnessing today. The Bible verse in the NLT that stands out the most to me in the case of Russia attacking Ukraine is Ezekiel 38:4, and it reads: I will turn you around and put hooks in your jaws to lead you out with your whole army―your horses and charioteers in full armor and a great horde armed with shields and swords.

    This verse speaks on the Lord putting the spirit of war on Gog in the land of Magog―which represents modern-day Russia in the land far to the north. Ancient maps show that Magog is where Russia is located today―thus making the Bible 100% accurate. So, the question that one must ask is―Does the Russian invasion of Ukraine mean the end of modern civilization as we know it? I believe that it does, and now it’s only a question of when it’s going to happen. All praise, honor, and glory to Yahawah Bahasham Yahawashi.

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