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Friday, February 11, 2022

Authors Can Write Fiction Through Life Experiences

    Stories can be created from events that have happened throughout the course of one’s life. Authors don’t have to share their life stories verbatim―a plot can be formed from any past incident that they may have experienced. For example, let’s say that you found out that your first crush died recently, and you’re flooded with various memories and emotions. A storyline could then be centered around going to the funeral and seeing old friends and acquaintances. Another example could be traveling to a new country and forming a plot from some of the details of that trip.

Hawaiian Beach

    The possibilities for creating fiction narratives are endless―just about every book I’ve written contains an episode that actually occurred in my life, and I disguise it with fictional characters and surroundings. With the exception of my book titled Night in the Underworld, which is loosely based on true events, each one of my other books has an element of truth in them that the reader may or may not guess.

    In conclusion, it’s good for an author to draw from any creative reservoir possible and writing stories from past experiences is a great way to thicken a plot. Real life drama breeds emotion, whether it’s happiness or pain, and adding these ingredients to the mix can only make the plot better in my opinion.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

How Authors Can Post Effective Ads on Amazon

    There are three ways authors can get their books noticed on Amazon right away―a great-looking book cover, choosing the right keywords, and placing ads that boost sales. Garnering organic traffic on its marketplace won’t happen without a successful marketing plan, and the algorithm won’t be triggered unless customers are visiting an author’s product pages. However, once authors figure out a way to grow their traffic and consistently make a profit on a monthly basis, Amazon will give books the push needed to take business to the next level.

 Hiring a Freelancer for Book Cover.

    There are dozens of other author’s books on a given product detail page, and it’s vital that the book cover is professionally done so it will stand out in a myriad of other titles. Freelance graphic designers are affordable on Fiverr, and I recommend a woman from the UK that I’ve been using for the last five years as she’s one of the best in my opinion.

 Choosing the Right Keywords.

    Choosing the right keywords for an ad can make or break an author’s marketing campaign. It’s best to use the Amazon search bar in Books and Kindle Store to find popular keywords of a particular genre. Most of the keywords selected won’t be effective in converting book sales, so authors will have to weed out the keywords and phrases that aren’t fruitful. I only use 15-20 of the most profitable keywords for my ad campaigns that I’ve analyzed over a period of two years. An author should also use the Phrase Match as opposed to the Broad Match when selecting keywords and phrases so that the sales conversion rate percentage is as high as possible.

 Placing Ads That Boost Sales.

    I’ve learned over the years that a description under the book cover in the Sponsored Ads section isn’t necessary because it doesn’t help an author sell more books, plus the reader can get the summary of the book on the product page if interested. Moreover, I discovered that placing all of my titles under one ad umbrella significantly increased my monthly sales. When I placed unique ads for each of my books, some titles did well while others didn’t receive as much exposure. Using one group of keywords for all of my books seemed to give each title an equal opportunity to be displayed, and subsequently, I believe I’ve attracted the business of small bookstores and libraries because a large percentage of my sales are now in bulk.

    These three important methods that I’ve used since 2018 have helped me sell more books on a consistent basis each month. An author must be proactive in marketing his or her books, and Amazon Advertising is a great tool for gaining immediate exposure and creating a great supplemental income in the process.

Five Ways Authors Can Perfect Their Craft in Writing

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