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Friday, September 10, 2021

Book Review: Invisible Enemies by Lynda D. Brown

    Abby Harris is a beautiful young woman of God whose life seems to be on the right track in spite of her rocky relationships with her older sister Candace and her mother. She's a gifted singer in the church's youth choir and one of the most popular girls in high school in the Washington D.C. area. However, her life spirals downward once her mother forbids her to attend the church that she grew up in, and she starts hanging out with a fast crowd and loses her way soon afterward.

    Invisible Enemies is a modern-day tale of good versus evil, and this Christian drama has elements of the story of Job as well as the story of Cain and Abel. I would definitely recommend this book as it was hard to put down. Next

    My Rating: ★★★★★

 Invisible Enemies by [Lynda  D. Brown]


Sunday, September 5, 2021

The Five Main Reasons Why I Created This Blog

    Blogging has proven to be a great revenue stream for writers on the internet, but that’s not my sole reason for creating my blog―well, not exactly. While making money through blogging is the ultimate goal, here are the five main reasons why I blog:

    Showcase My Work.

    Creating my blog has allowed me to feature my books and short stories to avid readers all around the world. I have people who check out the website from Pakistan, the Netherlands, and Nigeria in addition to people from the U.S., for example, and people from other nations who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to my blog can enjoy reading it thanks to Google. I spend about $150 monthly via Google AdWords to receive on average 300-400 page views daily, and hopefully, Google will reward me by sending more organic traffic to my blog as I continue to write informative posts that will educate my readership on various topics that I have knowledge on.

    Help Aspiring Authors.

    I wish I had better direction when I started writing back in 2006, and I would’ve avoided the many pitfalls in the self-publishing world if I had a road map to guide me. I share my fifteen years of knowledge in writing through my blog posts, and novice authors who need guidance can benefit from my years of experience and avoid making the same mistakes that I’ve done in the past.


    Continue to Build My Brand.

    Most readers won’t take a chance on authors they’ve never heard of―a best case scenario for a novice writer is to offer one or more books free for a limited time only with hopes of building a following in the future. This is another reason why I created my blog―to showcase some of my short stories for free. I try to post something fresh every few weeks in order to give my readers a taste of my writing style―usually between 1000-2000 words―so that they will purchase and review one or more of my books on Amazon as well as purchase my new releases when they become available for sale.

    Review Other Authors Books.

    I make it a point to post the reviews of books that I’ve read on my blog. I try to build authors up by giving them shine with positive reviews that highlight their strengths and constructively critique the areas where they may have come up short. Reviews help authors sell books, and I’m committed to helping indie authors like myself achieve this goal.

    Make Money Using Google AdSense.

    I primarily use this blog to promote my books to readers worldwide, but I also understand the earning potential of displaying ads on my site. As my blog continues to grow, so will my AdSense revenue, and the sky is the limit in terms with using commercial advertising on one’s site.

    In conclusion, there’s a huge upside for an author to create a blog to promote his or her work. If authors are willing to put in the time (experts say that it usually takes nine months to a year and 100 posts for a blog to take flight), the fruits of their labor will definitely manifest. I created my blog to make money, but I also created my blog to help inexperienced authors reach their potential as well.

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