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Nefarious 2


   Mitch Black is trying to start his life over again once he returns to Chicago after he spared Max’s life back in Baton Rouge. He has a court appearance on Friday morning that will decide his financial future for many years to come. Meanwhile, Max has to ship his right-hand man Tyrone’s dead body back to Chicago and explain what happened to his family in addition to planning the funeral. Max is trying his luck by going back to Chicago after drug lord Cedric Nash threatened to kill him if he ever came back to town. And lastly, Brea is slated to give her first live show at a club in Harlem Saturday night, but all hell breaks loose when Mitch coincidentally shows up at the same club with his new fiancee, Jada. Will Mitch and Brea mend the fence and pick up where they left off? And will karma finally catch up with Max and Cedric?

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   Mitch Black was still very upset for several minutes after his ex-girlfriend Brea’s hit single “You Should’ve Loved Me Better” played on the radio. He’d quickly realized that the song was a semi-diss track about him not being the man he’d professed to be, but he was eventually able to shrug off his anger after doing a careful analysis of the song by replaying the lyrics in his head. The emotional wounds that she inflicted on him were still fresh and the diss song was the proverbial bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol that she poured on those fresh wounds.

    He had merged onto the northbound I-55 highway when his phone rang. The caller ID had indicated that the call was from his cousin, Tisha, and he answered it on the second ring.

    “Hey Tish, what’s going on?” Mitch asked.

    “It’s my daughter’s father, Jimmy,” Tisha answered. “He tried to commit suicide, and we’re at the Ochsner Health Center right now.”

    “Damn, is he alright?”

    “He’s stable…they’re gonna keep him here a couple of days for observation.”

    “Why did he try to kill himself?”

    “It’s all my fault. I’ll tell you everything when you get here.”

    “Where’s the hospital?”

    “It’s right off Interstate 12 and the O’Neal Lane exit.”

    “Oh, okay. I have to double back because I just passed by there about twenty minutes ago.”

    “You were gonna leave town without saying goodbye? And what happened with Max?”

    “We’ll talk about all that when I get there, okay?”

    “Okay, see you in a few minutes.”

    Mitch ended the call and got off at the next exit before heading back towards Baton Rouge. His original intent was to leave the southern college town in his rearview mirror and never look back, but he couldn’t turn his back on a family member in need. The O’Neal Lane exit was about twenty or twenty-five miles away from the exit that he came off. He headed towards it, back to the hospital and he arrived there in no time. He parked in the lot and Tisha was waiting for him in the lobby once he entered the hospital.

    Tisha hugged Mitch tightly, and he kissed her on the forehead and wrapped his right arm around her shoulder before she buried her head in his chest. She let go of her embrace after a minute or so and said, “Thank you for coming back, Mitch. I have no one else to turn to.”

    “You’re welcome, Tish,” Mitch said. “I could never turn my back on family.”

    “Let’s step outside and talk,” Tisha suggested.

    They went outside and began walking slowly towards the parking lot, and Tisha said, “I was afraid that Jimmy was going to die. I never felt so helpless in all my life.”

    “What did he do?” Mitch asked. “Did he take some sleeping pills?”

    “No, he drank a whole fifth of Crown Royal. I found him lying in the bathtub, unconscious with nothing but his boxers on.

    “I guess he didn’t handle you all’s breakup too well,” Mitch said after he sighed. “Only a man with a broken heart would’ve poisoned himself by drinking a whole fifth of whiskey in one afternoon.”

    “Spoken like someone who knows,” Tisha said.

    “Yeah, you could say that. Brea had me completely strung out for a minute.”

    “Still not over her, huh?”

    “I’m getting there slowly but surely. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know.”

    “Yeah, I know.”

    Mitch paused for a second and asked, “What happened to your face?”

    “I got in a fight with Max’s wife, Jill,” Tisha answered. “I guess I had it coming for messing around with her husband.”

    “I’m sorry that this happened to you. No good could come out of being associated with a guy like Max. I had to learn that the hard way.”

    “I still have it bad for Max, though. I’m so sprung on him that I was willing to throw everything I have with Jimmy away.”

    “What are you gonna do about it?”

    “I don’t know exactly. No matter how I feel about him, we can’t see each other anymore because of what he did to Wesley. However, I don’t know what to do about Jimmy. I’m so confused…”

    “Don’t make any rash decisions just yet, Tish. You have to ask yourself what’s most important. Do you want what’s best for you daughter, or do you want to do what’s best for you?”

    “I don’t know if staying with Jimmy is the best thing for Tameka or me.”

    “Just give it some time. If you still care about him, don’t cut him off just yet.”

    “You’re right, I have to put my feelings aside for now.”

    There was momentary silence, and Tisha asked, “So, what happened with Max tonight?”

    “I had the barrel of my gun pointed at his head, but I couldn’t pull the trigger,” Mitch answered. “Cedric Nash killed his whole crew, and he had saved Max for me to finish off.”

    “Cedric Nash? You still associate yourself with him? He has a jail cell or a coffin waiting for him just like my dad.”

    “Max robbed Cedric just like he robbed me, and that’s the only connection I have to him. Prior to last summer, I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in over ten years.”

    “And Tyrone’s dead?”

    “Yes, he is.”

   “He was Max’s best friend and they owned a barbershop together. His girlfriend Melissa’s going to be devastated…”

    “I’m sorry for your friend Melissa, but my heart doesn’t bleed for Tyrone because he helped Max rob my club.”

    “What about Max?” Tisha asked with apprehension in her voice. “Is he dead too?”

    “Cedric let me decide his fate, but deep down, I couldn’t bring myself to murder anymore,” Mitch answered.

    “I know you’re not a killer Mitch, thankfully.”

    “Yeah, I’ll let karma decide what’s best for Max instead of ruining my life for the sake of avenging Wes’ death.”

    “So, why were you leaving town just now?” Tisha asked, changing the subject.

    “I have to be in court on Friday,” Mitch answered. “The judge is going to decide whether or not to reduce my alimony payments to my ex-wife, Sandra.”

    “How much did the court order you to pay her originally?”

    “More than I can afford right now, which is roughly five grand a month…”

    “Whoa. Your ex needs to get a job.”

    “Tell me about it. She wants to make me pay for cheating on her though.”

    “Fair is fair, Mitch. She’s not a basketball wife.”

    “I spoiled her rotten though, and she’s accustomed to fine wine and dining.”

    “That may be, but she has to hit the bricks like the rest of us. Having a trust fund doesn’t mean that I don’t have to work hard to achieve my goals.”

    “Hopefully, the judge will rule in my favor on Friday.”

    “I really don’t see why the court wouldn’t reduce your payments in your case.”

    “Since you’re a computer science major, I’m going to need you to hookup a computer network system for me in the near future,” Mitch said, changing the subject again. “I plan on launching my own financial consulting business when I’m done with all of my marital and legal problems.”

    “Well, technically, I’m still a political science major,” Tisha stated. “I won’t start taking advanced-level computer classes until the fall, so I’ll be able to hook up your system once I’m a little more seasoned.”

    “Better to have your lightbulb moment now instead of realizing it at graduation, I guess.”

    “Luckily, I minored in computer science since freshman year, but waiting to the beginning of my senior year to make it my major is gonna cost me an extra year of school at least.”

    “So, you thought about being a lawyer like Kia, huh?”

    “Yeah, I thought about it, but another three years of law school after undergrad just isn’t in the cards for me.”

    “I totally understand.”

    Mitch then took a deep breath and said, “Say a prayer for me, Tish.”

    “I most certainly will.”

    “Give Jimmy my best, and I’ll talk to you later.”

    “Take care, Mitch.”

    They embraced again, and Tisha kissed Mitch on the cheek. Mitch then got in his car and headed back towards the Interstate. He suddenly felt drowsy and decided to head back home in the morning. The only problem was he had already checked out of his hotel, so he went back to the Days Inn and booked another night’s stay in Baton Rouge.

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