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Agents of Chaos


   Horace Shingles is back in Atlanta for a very important case as an innocent man's life hangs in the balance. He ends up hooking out with his best friend, Greg O'Brien, on the first night, and Greg informs him of his current situation with his fiancee, Pamela Brown. She didn't come home the night before, and Greg suspects that she might be cheating on him. Greg and Horace then decide to go to hang out for a while at Hooters, and Horace meets a beautiful waitress named Madison Flowers. They exchange numbers, and at first, all is well between the two of them. However, things aren't what they appear to be with Madison, and Horace ultimately has some tough decisions to make. Agents of Chaos is the second book of this urban fiction series that's full of love, drama, betrayal, and even murder.

Amazon eBook Price: $3.99


    Horace Shingles had arrived in Atlanta early Sunday evening for the case that his father had assigned to him. He called Greg in the afternoon and asked him to pick him up from the airport once he got there. He had carried his luggage on the plane, and Greg was already in baggage claim waiting for him. Horace then gave Greg a hug and some dap and said, “I never thought I’d say this, but I actually miss Atlanta.”

    “Yeah, and I wish you were still here, too,” Greg affirmed. “I don’t have an outlet to vent some of my frustrations other than Jessie now that you’re in New York.”

    “Trouble in paradise?” Horace asked.

    “Yeah, but it’s just a bump on the road, I hope. Come on, let’s get outta here, and I’ll tell you all about what’s going on with me.”

    They exited baggage claim and went to the parking lot to retrieve Greg’s car, and they left Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. The original plan was to go back to Greg’s house to drop off Horace’s luggage and wind down for a moment, and then they were supposed to go out for some drinks. However, throwing back a few drinks at a sports bar wasn’t a desirable option because of Greg’s current plight at home.

    “So, what’s going on with you, bro?” Horace asked.

    “Pam didn’t come home last night,” Greg shared.

    “Y’all have a fight?”

    “Nah, that’s just it…there was no argument or disagreement of any kind. We had planned to go to the matinee yesterday, but when I finished taking my shower and getting dressed, she was gone.”

    “Word? Have you spoken to her since then?”

    “No, and I must have dialed her phone over twenty times before I finally gave up. I also got this strange text from a number that I didn’t recognize right after I got out the shower.”

    “What did the text say?”

    “The text only had a link to a YouTube video, so I deleted it because I didn’t know who the text was from. Too many people are running scams these days, so I don’t answer calls or texts from people I don’t know.”

    “That’s understandable.”

    Greg sighed and said, “I really wish I knew what the hell was going on with Pam, so I’m wondering if I should file a missing person’s report.”

    “Nah, don’t do that just yet. Give her sister a call…I’m willing to bet that she knows what’s going on.”

    “You’re right…I didn’t think of that.”

    Greg dialed Danielle’s number, and she picked up on the second ring.

    “Hey, Greg, how are you?” Danielle asked.

    “Not good, little sis,” Greg answered solemnly. “I don’t know where Pam is.”

    Danielle sighed and said, “She’s okay.”

    “How do you know?”

    “I just know, Greg.”

    “Where is she, and what’s going on with her, Danielle?”

    “I can’t say…”

    “What do you mean you can’t say?”

    “I’m sorry, but Pam’s going to have to tell you herself.”

    “Come on, Danielle! Is there somebody else?!”

    “No, of course not, Greg. Pam adores you.”

    “Well, then, can you at least tell me where she is?”

    “I told you I can’t say.”

    “Okay, I won’t put you on the spot, but can you please have her call me? I just want to hear her tell me herself that she’s okay.”

    “Okay, Greg, I’ll see what I can do, but I can’t promise anything.”

    “Okay, that’s fair. Bye, Danielle.”

    “Bye, Greg.”

    Greg disconnected the call and remained silent. He tried not to let his emotions show, but it was written all over his face.

    “Is everything alright?” Horace asked.

    “No, everything is messed up, man,” Greg frowned. “I’m beginning to think Pam’s cheating on me, and Danielle is covering for her. She wouldn’t tell me what’s really going on.”

    “Come on, man, that doesn’t even make sense. Things are good between you guys, right?”

    “I’m not so sure about that anymore. I thought we were in pre-marital bliss, but maybe she was just putting on an act.”

    “I don’t understand why she would disappear like that out of the blue for no apparent reason.”

    “Me, neither, but I’m done worrying about it. Let’s just stick to the original plan and hang out for a little while.”

    “Do you wanna go to our old spot?”

    “Where? Hooters?”

    “You know it, man.”

    “Cool, let’s do it.”

    Greg headed in the direction of Hooters on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta. Sasha used to be a waitress there for three years before they all graduated from Clark-Atlanta University, and she would occasionally hook up the entire clique with discounts on food. They arrived at Hooters twenty minutes later and went inside for a table. The hostess sat them at a booth in the rear of the restaurant.

    “Man, this brings back old memories, doesn’t it?” Horace asked.

    “Yeah, like the time you got sloppy drunk over Sasha not taking you back yet,” Greg teased. “You came at her hard, homie.”

    “And she still gave me no rhythm that night. We had a good run, though.”

    “Yeah, you all did. I can now say the same thing about Pam and me.”

    “You’re not going to let her go, are you?”

    “I don’t know what I’m going to do, Horace. I just went through the same thing with Jennifer a year ago, now this.”

    “You don’t know if she’s creeping behind your back, Greg. Just don’t make a snap decision about your relationship.”

    “I know, but if she’s going to run out every time there’s a problem between us, why should I invest in this relationship any further? That’s not the life I want to live, man.”

    The server came to their table and said, “Hello, my name is Madison, and I’ll be your server tonight. Can I get you all something to drink?”

    “You most certainly can,” Horace said as his hormones quickly went into overdrive.

    “Just bring us a pitcher of Miller Lite,” Greg smiled.

    “Coming right up, boys,” she smiled back at them.

    Madison was a stunningly attractive young woman with golden brown skin, brunette hair, and a beautiful smile. Horace could hardly contain himself before saying, “Damn, she is drop-dead gorgeous, man.”

    “I know…you were practically undressing her with your eyes.”

    “My bad…it’s been a while.”

    “Yeah, and you’re acting like a desperate simp. Play it cool, my dude…you used to know this.”

    “Alright, but I’m still gonna shoot my shot, though.”

    Horace’s phone rang, and it was his father trying to contact him.

    “Hey, Dad, what’s up?” Horace asked.

    “How did it go with George Canty?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You were supposed to meet with him today at one o’clock…”

    “No, Dad, we meet with him tomorrow at one o’clock. The jail is closed on Sunday.”

    “Damn, Son, you’re right. I forgot that the Fulton County Jail is closed on Sunday.”

    “You first told me to book a flight for Monday, and then you said for Roy and me to meet with George Canty today. I knew that you meant Monday afternoon, though. You really should take a vacation, Dad.”

    “I don’t have the luxury of taking a vacation at this present time, Son. The firm has three high profile cases scheduled to go to court in the next few weeks, so time off isn’t an option for me or you.”

    “Relax, Dad. Roy and I got this, and I’ll call you the moment we finish interviewing George Canty.”

    “I appreciate your diligence and dedication to the firm…just make sure you keep me posted on your progress.”

    “Will do. Bye.”

    Horace disconnected the call and shook his head. Greg sighed and asked, “Your father thought that the jail was open today?”

    “Yeah, man,” Horace sighed, “and he goes full throttle all year, every year and rarely takes any time off. That’s the main reason why my parents split up, and I don’t want to end up like that…totally consumed with work and no time for anything else.”

    “I hear you. I’m all for working hard to achieve my dreams and maintaining a certain lifestyle, but there’s more to life than money.”


    Madison had returned to their booth with the pitcher of Miller Lite and two glasses and asked, “Are you boys ready to order?”

    “I’ll have the original style wings and an order of fries,” Greg answered.

    “What kind of sauce do you want?” Madison asked.

    “Make it buffalo,” Greg answered.

    “And you, handsome?” Madison smiled seductively at Horace, picking up on his vibe that he found her irresistibly attractive.

“I’ll have the original style wings with fries as well, but make mine barbeque,” Horace smiled.

    “Is that all you want?” Madison asked.

    “Your phone number would also be nice,” Horace answered.

    “I’ll see what I can do about that,” Madison said before she went to the kitchen to place their orders.

    “I still got it,” Horace said confidently.

    “I’m not mad at you,” Greg said. “She’s fine as hell.”

    “I don’t know if I’ll be able to hook up with her though, because I’m only in town until Tuesday afternoon.”

    “Well, you used to be the king of one-night stands, so what’s stopping you now?”

    “Being with Sasha changed me…partly for the better, but she also shattered my confidence. I guess I’m not that guy anymore.”

    “Looks like you’ve lost some of your swag, Horace…nobody’s going to feel sorry for a man just because his heart was broken. You, my friend, have to dust yourself off and move on.”

    “Spoken like someone who knows.”

    “Damn right…I have a PhD in broken hearts.”

    Greg paused briefly before he asked, “So, what’s this high-profile case that your dad has thrown in your lap?”

    “Keep this between us…”

    “I’m not going to tell anyone.”

    “Okay. This guy at the Fulton County Jail was allegedly involved in that robbery and murder you witnessed last year.”

    “Yeah? Who’s the guy?”

    “His name is George Canty, and I met him in Boston on the same day that it happened.”

    “You met him in Boston?”

    “Yeah, he was at the same barbershop I frequented from time to time, and he had told me he had business in Atlanta that night.”

    “Do you think that he’s guilty?”

    “I don’t know yet…he doesn’t fit the bill of a common street criminal. His looks and mannerisms are that of a man from the Nation of Islam, but he sounds like a pro-black Hebrew Israelite.”

    “Wow, that’s interesting.”

    “Indeed, it is.”

    “You’re right though…he doesn’t sound like the typical street criminal.”

    Madison had brought their food to the table moments later and said, “Let me know if I can get you boys anything else.”

    Greg nodded and Horace said, “You bet.”

    She winked at him and went back to the kitchen area.

    “You better make sure that you get her phone number,” Greg said.

    “Don’t worry, I will.”

    Greg took a bite of a wing before asking, “What hotel are you staying at?”

    “I’m at the Residence Inn a few miles from here on Peachtree Street,” Horace answered.


    Greg paused and asked, “Whatever happened to the apple-red Mustang your pops bought you junior year?”

    “I traded it in for the Ford Explorer that I have now,” Horace answered. “I used to think that being flashy was the way to go, but I realized that I was just overcompensating for my shortcomings.”

    “What shortcomings? You have everything a guy could want.”

    “My lack of game for starters. I always used my money and social status to get women…hoping that they wouldn’t see the real me.”

    “You’re a likeable guy, Horace. Why do you think women won’t like you for you?”

    “I was arrogant and superficial, no matter how hard I tried to hide it, and Sasha realized who I really was and dumped me the first chance she got.”

    “I don’t believe that for one minute. I’m sure Sasha had her reasons for leaving you, but I doubt that your insecurities had anything to do with it. It’s all in your head…trust me because I’ve been where you’re at right now.”

    Horace nodded and took a sip of his beer before biting into another chicken wing. They were done eating and drinking and catching up on what was going on in their respective lives about an hour later, and Madison had brought them the bill.

    “I got it,” Horace insisted as he placed his card inside of the check presenter.

    Madison then went to the register and printed out Horace’s receipt, and she came back to the table and said, “I left my number on the back of your receipt copy. I’m free on Wednesdays and Saturdays if you want to hang out sometime.”

    “I’ll definitely call you once I’m back in town,” Horace said. “I’m only here until Tuesday afternoon.”

    “Well, I get off here in another half hour. Wanna hook up tonight?”

    “Yes, I’d like that very much.”

    Horace paused and said, “By the way, my name is Horace Shingles.”

    “It’s been a pleasure to serve you, Horace,” Madison said, and then she turned her attention to Greg.

    “And I’m Greg,” he said, shaking her hand.

    “Nice to meet you, Greg.”

    “I’ll wait for you at the bar,” Horace said.

    “Okay, see you in a few minutes,” Madison said.

    Horace signed the restaurant receipt and left Madison a very generous tip. Greg got up from his seat to use the men’s room before asking, “Are you going to wait here for Madison, or do you want me to take you to the hotel to drop off your stuff?”

    “I’ll hang out here until she gets off,” Horace answered.

    “Okay, but what about your suitcase?”

    “I’ll swing by tomorrow morning and pick it up.”

    “Okay. Here, take my key to the back door because I have to be at work at eight, and there’s no telling when Pam is coming back home.”

    “Thanks, I appreciate you. I’ll call first to see if she’s there before I show up.”

    “Cool, I’ll see you tomorrow evening.”

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