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Friday, December 9, 2022

Authors Must Be Able to Adapt to the Volatile Climate of Self-Publishing

    The landscape of the writing world can be a slippery slope at times. Self-published authors must be able to navigate around the terrain in order to survive and sustain a monthly income. The price of everything is seemingly rising every day, and a writer (author and/or blogger) should monitor every aspect of marketing with a fine-tooth comb. For example, an author needs to examine his or her advertising campaign thoroughly, or a blogger needs to balance time between social media and SEO of blog. I personally struggle with my Amazon Ads campaign for my books and Google Ads campaign for my blog.

 Analysis of Amazon Ads Campaign.

    I’ve recently hit a rough patch with the advertising of my books on Amazon. I thrived on their platform in the beginning of 2019 each month when my average cost per click was only $0.23. I was able to fine tune my ads campaigns and make a sizable profit for each one of my books regularly. However, this year has been dismal with profits plummeting ever since the CPC has risen threefold, and this stark increase in pay-per-click advertising has made selling books extremely difficult. I’ve tried multiple ways to advertise my books on Amazon―a separate group of keywords for each novel or all novels under one umbrella of keywords―but I’ve discovered that it’s more cost efficient for each title to have its own set of keywords. And with times being as tough as they are right now, I can ill afford the luxury of having poorly performing keywords in each ad campaign. I ultimately had to archive the words and phrases that don’t yield a book sale after ten dollars’ worth of ad clicks.

 Analysis of Google Ads Campaign.

    I was dead set against using pay-per-click advertising for my blog when I first launched it back in June of 2021. The initial goal was to see how much traffic the blog would attract organically once I reached 100 posts. My blog currently has 100 posts to date, but it doesn’t yield enough organic traffic to be considered successful. Needless to say, I had to bite the bullet and launch a Google Ad campaign in order to see different results. I’ll try it for a year to see if pay-per-click advertising for my blog is worth the investment.


    My situation may or may not be unique, but every writer is faced with some type of dilemma in the ever-changing climate of self-publishing. The only advice I can give a new author is to stay committed to your writing and marketing principals and adapt to any given circumstance. Failure isn’t an option for me, so I have to see past this temporary stumbling block and keep pushing forward.

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