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Thursday, November 24, 2022

This Is What I Learned After Writing 100 Blog Posts

    I read somewhere that a blog’s traffic would grow exponentially after posting 100 articles of quality and substance, so I decided to put that theory to the test. When I reached 100 posts on my blog after a year and some change of writing, nothing significant happened. In fact, I had started to see a gradual increase in people visiting my blog once I achieved eighty-eight completed articles back in August of 2022, but I had to take a break from writing after catching COVID-19. I also had a spike in traffic from various countries during my two-week hiatus, but things leveled off shortly afterward.

    I had come to the conclusion that reaching the milestone of 100 posts on a blog may trigger exponential growth, but this algorithmic phenomenon didn’t happen in my case. My guess is I don’t have enough articles that consist of 1500-2000 words as the majority of the posts I write fall into the range of 400-600 words. Blog posts of that length don’t seem to rank well with search engines because word count directly affects organic SEO. My style of writing centers around getting directly to the point in terms of sharing my knowledge of writing and marketing techniques with my audience, and I can usually accomplish this goal in 500 words. I specialize in posting tidbits of information on various topics, but Google won’t rank these articles because of the stiffness of competition. And I totally agree with their criteria of ranking posts because too many content creators have tried to game the system in the past. However, I’m not good at adding words to an article in order to gain favor with the search engines and rank better because it feels like I’m adding fluff when I’ve already made my key points to it.

    Another conclusion that I’ve drawn was my niche may not be as popular as other niches―more people are searching for cooking recipes or dating advice than people who are searching for creative writing tips or marketing a self-published book, for example. Perhaps it’ll take a little longer for my blog to catch on, but who knows?

    In closing, I know that time will ultimately tell if my blog goes viral as I will continue to post articles geared toward my style and expertise in the writing and marketing of self-published fiction books. Even if I don’t accomplish this goal, I’ll be content in knowing that I’ve given everything I have to making my blog a success.

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