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Friday, November 4, 2022

Is SEO Important for a Blog to Rank on Google?

    In a nutshell, yes. Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial in order for a blog or any website to rank on Google and gaining quality backlinks are the key to a profitable site receiving tons of traffic. However, ranking high on Google is an arduous task, but writing valuable content is a start in the right direction.

 Writing Quality Content.

    There’s a saying that has been floating around the Internet for quite some time―content is king. A blog is useless unless visitors stick around long enough to actually read what a writer is posting. If visitors don’t value the subject matter of a blog, they will never revisit that site again. In short, writing interesting articles rich in keywords equal repeat visitors.

 Backlinks Boost Google Ranking.

    One of the results of writing good content is accumulating backlinks on a consistent basis. Once a blogger has posted on average 4-10 articles per month for about a year, he or she will begin to see a number of posts rank in Google’s search results. I personally began to see the content on my blog rank on Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo after eleven months and 60 articles posted.

 Posts Must Be Shared in Order to Rank on Search Engines.

    I’m not registered on any social media platforms by choice, but that doesn’t mean my blog posts aren’t being shared on outlets like Facebook or Twitter, for example. I’ve added the AddToAny share button to my blog, and it has made a world of difference in terms of collecting backlinks and attracting visitors daily. In turn, more organic searches coupled with Google Ads has led to a higher PageRank and more book sales.

    In conclusion, SEO is an important part of maintaining the popularity of a blog, and a writer must post articles frequently in order to garner traffic, increase backlinks, and boost sales. The success of a blog hinges on writing meaningful articles that inform and inspire readers regularly over a period time as the fruits of one’s labor doesn’t happen overnight.

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