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Monday, October 3, 2022

Authors Should Have Multiple Streams of Income

    So, you’re an author who has a good-sized catalog of books, and each title is selling a significant number of units on Amazon every month. Great. However, there are two other ways that I know of that will earn additional income for you―creating an author blog and offering some type of freelancing service on that blog.

 Create an Author Blog.

    You should create a blog in order to maximize your earning potential. There are a plethora of topics to write about as my two main goals as a blogger are to help new authors succeed in addition to selling books. As an added bonus, you can add Google AdSense to your blog as another source of revenue―you get paid each time a visitor clicks on a featured advertisement. Another technique that you can use is to showcase newly release books on the home page of your blog as a means to boost sales.

 Offer a Freelancing Service on Blog.

    When you consistently attract between 1K and 10K visitors per month on your site, offer your subscribers a service that you specialize in. For example, I’m proficient in proofreading short stories, novellas, and novels; and I plan on offering this service to people who visit my blog once its monthly traffic reaches the targeted goal that I set. Another example of a freelancing service that you can offer is graphic design―I know of an author from the writing community on Twitter who designs her own book covers. Or offer your subscribers a book formatting service―there are many authors like me who don’t have the ability to create a book cover or format an eBook.

    In conclusion, there are several ways that an author can make money other than just selling books online. Creating a blog can be very lucrative, but it requires extreme patience. You must be willing to play the long game because successful blogs aren’t established overnight. Moreover, you can literately launch a service-based business due to the popularity of your blog and create yet another stream of income in the process.

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