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Saturday, September 10, 2022

The Technical Side of Writing an Effective Blog Post

    Every detail matters when it comes to the writing of an article as well as the SEO of an article on any given blog. The ultimate goal of a writer is for each article the be indexed and ranked high on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are several routine steps that encompass each blog post that I write, and these calculated steps help significantly with the search engine ranking of my blog.

 Crawlers and Indexing Section of Blog.

    I used Blogger for the creation of my website, and I follow these steps for the crawling and indexing of each blog post by search engine robots. Go to Settings and click on Home page tags right below the Crawlers and Indexing section. You want to enable the ‘all’ button in order to give the search engine robots the freedom to index every element of your blog. Also click on Post and page tags and enable the ‘all’ button but don’t enable this feature on Archive and search page tags because you will run the risk of creating duplicate content on your blog. You can also go to Custom Robot Tags under the Post settings section on each post and check the ‘all’ box or leave it on default so that each article that you write gets indexed on Google as well as the other search engines.

 Immediate Indexing of Blog Posts.

    One of the main objectives of blogging is to get each article indexed as quickly as possible. Blogger has a feature in the Google Console section that indexes each entry immediately. Click on Settings and scroll down to the Google Search Console link and click on it. Copy and paste the URL of your post in the search box on the Google Search Console page to see if it has been indexed, and if not, click on the Request Indexing link to ensure that it's indexed right away.

Google Search Console

 Geotagging and Search Description of Blog Posts.

    Geotagging and search description are two very important aspects of blogging―they also help with the SEO by accelerating the indexing process and the local and worldwide listings of each blog post and the image(s) added to it on search engines like Google or Yahoo. Simply click on Location under Post settings and type in the city, state, and country of your post. After that, go to Search Description and give a brief synopsis of your post in 150 characters or less.

 Proper Formatting of Blog Posts.

    Aesthetics are an important part of the user’s experience on a site, and as a blogger, you want to know that the posts on your blog are formatted properly and look professional in order to guarantee that visitors will bookmark or subscribe to it for the purpose of reading more articles from you. After you copy and paste your article on the New Post page on Blogger, click on the capital ‘A’ icon and choose your font type. Once that’s done, click the double ‘T’ icon and choose the size of the font that you want. After that, you want the justify the entire post by clicking on the icon to the right of the smiley face icon.

    The technical aspects of posting a great article are just as important as writing one because the goal of a writer is to get his or her blog indexed and ranked on the search engines in a timely fashion. Exercise all due diligence by paying close attention to each facet of the blog writing experience in order to maximize SEO and rank high in search engine results.

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