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Saturday, September 17, 2022

The Importance of Placing Social Media Links and an RSS Feed on Blog

    There aren’t any immediate benefits to having social media links or an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed on your blog as they won’t directly improve the search engine rankings of your posts but having an RSS feed helps Google crawl and index your content faster, and social media links to your site allow visitors to share posts which, in turn, increase site backlinks organically and boost blog ranking gradually. RSS feeds result in more repeat visitors who subscribe to your blog, and an increase in visits to your blog is fueled by social media shares from Twitter or Facebook, for example.

RSS Feed

    One indirect benefit that’s overlooked when adding an RSS feed to a blog is the traffic received from RSS readers like Feedly or NewsBlur―and depending on what RSS readers particular visitors download on their computers, some of those RSS readers give suggestions based on similar websites that might be of interest to the people who use them. I’ve gotten a fair share of traffic to my blog because of this, and I’ve also gotten loads of social media shares from the AddToAny link that I added to my blog.

    The advantages of having an RSS feed or social media links on a site shouldn’t be taken lightly because the indirect gains of installing them manifest in the long run. Adding an RSS feed or social media links to your blog will improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) over a period of time, and even though the perks of having them aren’t instant, they’re still vital to your success.

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