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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Do Authors Need Social Media to Be Successful?

    In a nutshell, authors who are proficient at using social media to promote their books have a sizable advantage over authors who don’t use it as one of their book marketing methods, but authors can still make a decent monthly revenue without Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I sell a generous amount of books each month without social media but not for a lack of trying. I used Twitter before the pandemic to promote my books and a blog that I had at the time but wasn’t too productive in doing so. The time that I spent finding followers exceeded the time that I spent writing, so I inevitably closed my account once I realized there was no profit in being on Twitter’s website. Trying to get people to follow me by following them first was a colossal waste of my time because very few of them were even interested in reading my books or my blog.

Social Media Platforms

    I’m a Gen Xer, so the Internet and social media weren’t around during my formable years. I wasn’t popular growing up either, so the idea of having thousands of followers on a social media platform was foreign to me. Trying to win a popularity contest didn’t suit me back in the day and still doesn’t suit me today as I’m not motivated by multiple followers liking my posts. However, if there was a way that I could navigate my way on a social media site and successfully promote my books without spending too much time on it, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    Although it’s profitable for authors to have a strong social media presence online, it’s not a necessity in order to sell books. Blogging and pay-per-click advertising internet sites like Amazon Ads or Google Ads help authors sell numerous books monthly and earn a great supplement income in the process.

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