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Monday, August 1, 2022

Do Authors Need an Email List to Be Successful?

    Authors who use an email list to interact with their subscribers undoubtedly have an advantage over authors who don’t have one or don’t have direct communication with their readership. In fact, having an email list is like gold―authors can get their readers to subscribe to their newsletters and/or inform them about their upcoming books. However, authors don’t need an email list to sell a plethora of books.

 Authors Can Use Amazon Advertising to Sell Books.

    For the new authors who are just starting out, Amazon Advertising is a great way to sell books online. It will take some trial and error in the short run to learn Amazon’s platform but will certainly pay off in the long run. Customers who are eager to buy will click on your ads and consistently purchase books from those ads.

 An Author Can Create a Blog to Sell Books.

    An author blog is another excellent means to sell books, but this method is more of a soft sell rather than a direct sell like on Amazon’s website. Authors can lure readers in by writing entertaining and informative posts that add value to the literary world, and if subscribers enjoy reading an author’s posts, they will subsequently purchase books from that author. The only drawback is that an author must have the fortitude to keep writing posts because organic blog traffic from Google won’t begin to increase for roughly a year.

    Blogging and pay-per-click advertising are the two main ways that I consistently garner book sales each month. I plan to add an email list to the mix in the future once my blog gains more traction because it’s also a great way to sell books on the Internet. These are three of the best ways that an independent author can earn a steady stream of income every month.

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