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Friday, August 26, 2022

An Author Can Start a Writing Business Online With a Credit Card

    A significant year for me was 2016―the bankruptcy that I filed ten years prior had fallen off of my credit report, and I began to receive credit card offers in the mail on a regular basis. I was also in the midst of a writing hiatus while trying to transform my life as best I could. It was during that period that I discovered how I could start my book writing business with a mere Capital One Spark Business credit card that I’d received with a credit score of only 640. I used this card to purchase pay-per-click advertising from Amazon and pay for business expenses like book cover design and formatting.

Credit Cards

    Starting a book writing business doesn’t take a whole lot of money―just a little planning is all that it takes to start it and a little discipline and perseverance to maintain it. I began with one book back in 2017 and didn’t make any money the first year, but once I began to gradually expand my book catalog, my profits increased each year afterward.

    The goal of every self-published author should be to build a book writing business that will last for many years to come. Authors should never use their own money to launch the business, and all that it takes to get started is to apply for a credit card with a $500 limit and build from there. Once the finances are in place, authors can focus on writing as many books as they can in as little time as possible in order to establish a successful book writing business online.

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