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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

What Genre Should a New Author Choose to Write In?

    The first book that I wrote was of the nonfiction genre, and the subject that I wrote about was Little League Baseball. It was a subject that was near and dear to me as I noticed the decline of children playing baseball in my community sometime in the mid-nineties. I did my research and came to several conclusions as to why Little League Baseball disappeared in inner-city Chicago, and the paperback book that I wrote was about fifty pages long. I had a book signing and the whole nine yards, but I realized early on that writing nonfiction wasn’t a good fit for me. I also soon discovered that writing fiction came naturally to me, and I’ve been doing so ever since. I took the two topics that captivated me the most (crime dramas and sports) and wrote a three-part fictional series about them. An author should start off writing about themes that he/she has a keen interest in before diving into subjects that may require more extensive research because the goal is to establish oneself as a prolific writer and build a following as quickly as possible.

Fiction Genres

    Many authors may be faced with the same dilemma that I experienced fifteen years ago and finding a niche in the right genre isn’t always an easy task. I categorized myself as an urban fiction writer, but I’ve quickly recognized that my books overlap several different genres. So, what can an author do in this situation? Even though my books have an element of crime, romance, and mystery in addition to urban life themes; I still classify myself as an urban fiction writer because of the settings and plots of my stories. I belong to a group of writers who summarize the urban experience through varying writing styles on Amazon, and we all have a friendly competition taking place to garner the pool of readers of that genre. It’s an author’s job to find the group of writers they identify with the most and become a trailblazer within that group.

    In conclusion, authors must first identify themselves as either a nonfiction or fiction author. My objective was still the same once I discovered the type of writer I wanted to be, but instead of taking a direct approach in delivering my message, I’ve adopted a more allegorical method in communicating to my readers via writing fictional narratives.

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