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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Traveling to Other Places Can Help an Author’s Writing

    An author who hasn’t traveled both domestic and abroad is limited in capability as far as writing a novel is concerned. One can only effectively write about things that he or she has experienced in life, or else the narrative will lack authenticity and substance. Three of my books are based in Atlanta―a city that I was blessed to visit fifteen years ago. I was there for about a week and was able to experience downtown Atlanta and its surrounding areas. Google Maps helped me remember certain parts of the city that I caught a glimpse of and filled in the gaps of the sections of Atlanta that I didn’t get a chance to see as I was able to envision the full scope of this southern environment while creating my three-part urban fiction series a few years ago.

Downtown Atlanta

    This, in turn, allowed me to construct a plot centered around a group of college students who went to an HBCU in the heart of Atlanta without actually being a resident of that city. I’ve also spent a great deal of time in places like Houston, New Orleans, and St. Louis, for example, and some of my storylines reflect some of those experiences. Even though the majority of my books are centered around the city of Chicago, traveling to other cities has helped me expand my horizons and improve my writing skills.

    A setting can be limited to only one area and still be an exciting plot but traveling to different regions of the country as well as other countries in the world can ultimately create a theme that makes a reader not want to put a particular book down because it's the details that make or break a story. Visiting other cities enabled me to add zest to the setting of each one of my novels and short stories, and that seasoning was what attracted readers to purchase more titles from my bibliography.

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