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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Book Review: This Game Has No Loyalty II by June

    More drama unfolded as Junior was arrested but never charged with Drez’s murder―the guy who tried to murder him after his right-hand man, La, set him up. La was also presumed dead, but the police weren’t privy to that information. Their only concern was pinning Drez’s murder on Junior, but he didn’t cave into the pressure. The police eventually had to release him because they had no real evidence against him, but his problems had only just begun.

    Meanwhile, KB was recovering from the wounds that he sustained from the robbery at the nightclub―Junior’s side chick Muffin had shot him and incited a riot afterward. Gloria had realized that her best friend and Junior's main girl, Shondra, had betrayed her by trying to pump her for info about KB the entire time so that she could set him up to be killed by Junior, who wanted KB dead for a botched robbery and attempt on his life in the Baptiste housing project.

    Book 2 delivers a knockout punch just like the first one did, as it was action-packed from start to finish. Sex, drugs, fast money, murder, and betrayal are par for the course here―the players involved grow up fast and die young in this tale as opportunities in this section of Brooklyn are scare. I really enjoyed reading June’s second installment and look forward to the third volume of the series. 

    My Rating: ★★★★★

 This Game Has No Loyalty Part II - Hustle for Life by [JUNE]


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