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Friday, April 29, 2022

How Authors Can Properly Gage the Performance of Amazon Keywords

    The use of Amazon ads and list of keywords to sell books are effective tools that authors can incorporate in their marketing campaigns. However, authors will need to know what keywords make a monthly profit and what keywords are dead weight to be deleted so that they won’t lose their shirts in the process.

Amazon Keywords

    For example, a keyword should yield no less than a ten percent conversion rate (one paperback book sale per ten clicks), or else it should be archived because it will eat away any revenue the author earns in the long run. A great way to determine if a particular keyword is worthy of keeping is to see if it’s profitable after three months or eighty-six it if the cost exceeds the net profit of sales (gross profit minus the 40% Amazon split and print cost).

    This is just a quick PSA for new authors who are ready to take their marketing campaigns to the next level. An author wants to take the best performing 15-20 keywords that garner sales month after month and discard the remaining bulk of useless keywords. Do this in addition to building a catalog of good books and witness a steady growth of sales for years to come.

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