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Friday, March 4, 2022

The Price of a Book Plays an Important Part in the Customer’s Review

    I used to think that the length of a book played a major part in whether or not the customer enjoyed the book. However, that’s not necessarily the case in most instances because I would soon discover that short story fiction is a popular genre that has generated many book sales for me. I also learned that when I started tinkering with the price of my books, it had a direct effect on my customer reviews.

    There’s a direct correlation between the length of a book and the price―if the customer feels like the price is too high for the length of a book, an author is more likely to receive a negative review. For example, my bestselling book titled The Root of All Evil was an instant hit with my readers―racking up dozens of four-star and five-star reviews. The demand for this book was high, so I began to adjust the price of the book in order to increase my bottom line. Big mistake! The book is eighty-three pages in length, and my original price of the book was $6.95. I had subsequently lowered the price of the book to $5.95 and saw a skyrocket in sales, and then I got ambitious and raised the price of the book to $7.95 in an attempt to widen my profit margin. This proved to be a costly error in judgement as I began to receive negative reviews as a result of this price adjustment, and the same thing happened with a couple of my other books.

    A fine line between a positive and a negative review from a customer can be as minute as a one-dollar price adjustment. A reader will ultimately trash an author’s book if he or she feels like they paid too much for it―even if they enjoyed reading the story. Finding that sweet spot in price that will benefit both the author and the reader isn’t an easy task, but the bumps and bruises incurred as a result of price experimentation is worth it in the end once consistent monthly sales are achieved.

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