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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Slightly Lowering the Book Price Can Significantly Increase Sales

    A quick sales growth hack that indie authors can use to tip the Amazon algorithm in their favor and increase sales is to slightly decrease the sales price of one of their paperback books. An example of this is when Amazon lowered the price of my bestselling book titled The Root of All Evil from $6.95 to $6.78 a few months ago. This slight change in price caused a spike in sales that went on for several weeks afterward before the surge leveled off, and then Amazon changed the book back to its original sales price.

    Customers seem to respond positively to an irregular price that doesn’t end in .95 or .99, so I took the liberty of changing the price of my book back to $6.78 to see if the spike in sales would return. Needless to say, a slight spike in sales occurred, but not to the extent when Amazon implemented the change in price. However, the sales of The Root of All Evil remain consistent and function as a sales funnel for my other books.

    Applying this technique to the bestselling book of an author’s bibliography can be highly effective in driving even more sales, and in turn, this small trick will ultimately drive the sales of the other books in the catalog. There’s no guarantee that lowering the price of a book will make an indie author a success overnight, but it certainly won’t hinder his or her progress toward that goal.

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