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Monday, November 29, 2021

Finding Author’s Niche in Writing Stories

    I read an article in the past that said authors should write stories that are categorized in the most popular genres in order to sell the most books. However, I don’t necessarily agree with that philosophy for multiple reasons―mainly because it would be difficult to write about a subject that doesn’t remotely interest me. For example, the most popular fiction genre is romance, and it’s also the most competitive. If an author sets out to write romance fiction even though it may not be his or her strong suit, this course of action is a recipe for failure in my humble opinion.

    My belief is authors should write about things that interest them the most or write about things that they’ve experienced in life to a certain degree, and there’s also nothing wrong with researching a new subject that is intriguing and writing a story about it. However, writing in a genre solely for profit without a genuine interest in a given subject won’t translate into a good story, and readers will see through a poor attempt at creating a plot without any substance or passion behind it. In turn, book sales will fade away quickly in the long run because of mediocre or bad reviews even though the author might’ve picked the most popular genre with the most gross sales annually.

Romantic Couple

    A new author’s first question should always be what genre should I write in? My first book was in the nonfiction, biography, and sports categories, and I wrote about a subject that was an important part of my childhood―Little League Baseball. The book was roughly fifty pages long, and I touched on the various reasons why baseball had declined in my community as well as other communities throughout the nation. I sold a decent number of copies in the beginning and had a book signing, but I ultimately couldn’t sustain any momentum as sales disappeared completely.

    I discovered later on that I had a natural gift for storytelling and preferred to create content rather than research facts―to write organically instead of mapping out an outline or script to follow. Thus, my journey as a fiction author began, and I never looked back. I enjoy watching crime dramas, and one of my favorite movies is Heat. I also like watching sports, and I managed to merge the two themes together and created the trilogy titled The Chronicles of Brock Lane―my bestselling series to date.

    Finding one’s niche in writing is extremely important, and authors should write about things that they’re passionate about and not solely pick genres based on popularity in order to reach the bestseller’s list. Once authors choose their respective genres to write in―whether it be romance, crime, or urban fantasy, for example, then they can build their bibliographies and sell hundreds or even thousands of books per month.

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