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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Authors Must Find a Balance Between Writing and Marketing

    This is a quick PSA for indie authors in regard to finding the right blend of writing and marketing their book list. If an author spends too much time on social media instead of finishing the next manuscript or adding posts to a said blog, for example, nothing will ever get done. I fell in this trap when I was on Twitter trying to direct people to my blog or Amazon page with tweets, or I spent too much of my time interacting with fellow writers instead of working on my book. The time I wasted on Twitter only yielded me a handful of book sales at best, so I cancelled my account and focused more on writing.

    Conversely, spending too much time on writing and neglecting the marketing aspect of self-publishing won’t sell any books either. An indie author is like a small business owner who has to wear every single hat to be successful. I found my niche in marketing through pay-per-click advertising on Amazon and Google because I suck at social media. I’m also becoming proficient at blogging as writing blog posts are my primary means of interacting with the public.

    Balancing my time with the writing and marketing of my books is a work in progress. One has to constantly tweak the sales funnel in an ever-changing writer’s climate by staying on top of what techniques work and what techniques to eighty-six. My book marketing business wasn’t built in a day as an author must be willing to labor through the peaks and valleys of self-publishing in order to be a bestselling indie author.

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