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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Three Techniques That Authors Can Use to Create an Effective Sales Funnel Online

    It’s very tough for a new author to enter into the self-publishing world and selling that first book consistently is nearly impossible. However, there are three methods that I use that are highly effective in selling books online. I’ve used these techniques over the years to build a sales funnel that earns me on average $500 per month in supplemental income. Now that’s not a whole lot of money, but it’s taken me a significant amount of time to sell more than a handful of books annually on Amazon.

    Create a Blog.

    My first reason for creating this blog was to share my knowledge that I gained over the years through trial and error with authors who subscribe to it. However, I soon discovered that as the site begins to gain more traction, the potential to gain new followers piqued my interest. An email list of eager readers of any genre of fiction is a goldmine for anyone who can build it. An author can then write content that’s beneficial to readers as well as promote books simultaneously and can link the blog to the Author Central page on Amazon.

    Showcase Free Short Stories on Blog.

    Another way that an author can gain followers and sell books is to feature free short stories on a blog. A short story is like a sample of an author’s work―it can be anywhere from 750 to 2000 words, and it gives readers a taste of what kind of writer the author is and whether they like this particular author enough to buy his or her books. A direct link to the Amazon sales page of a book can then be placed on the blog for customers to buy.

Sales Funnel

    Create a Book Series.

    The last and most effective tool that I use to create a sales funnel is to write a fiction series. The first book of the series can either be priced at a discount or free to draw readers in. I personally prefer to discount the first book as opposed to making it permanently free because I’ve worked too hard on my books to just give them away to customers who may or may not like my genre but downloaded them anyway because they were free. However, there’s nothing wrong with an author offering a free five-day promotion on Amazon KDP Select because of the opportunity to showcase a new book to thousands of readers. A little trick that I use to garner book reviews quickly is to ask readers to write an honest review on Amazon at the end of each of my books, and I leave readers my email address just in case they have questions or want to reach out to me directly about the book.

    The number one goal for a new author should be to bring awareness to one’s brand via a blog or free promotion of books and short stories. Hopefully, readers will be interested enough in subscribing to the blog and making a purchase online.

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