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Monday, September 13, 2021

The Three Different Ways That I Use to Monetize My Blog

    One of the main reasons why I created my blog was to help new and struggling authors with their writing techniques and help them sell more books in the process. I also blog because of its unlimited earning potential as well. I currently earn three streams of revenue from blogging that I’d like to share.

    Display Links to Books on Amazon.

    I feature the JPEG images of each one of my novels and provide their links to the respective Amazon pages on this blog in order to make money from the visitors that I receive. I also use Google AdWords to drive more traffic to my site in addition to the organic traffic that I get to drive book sales. This is currently the number one stream of income that I earn from blogging.

    Earn Money from Google AdSense.

    The sky is the limit in blogging once a site is eligible to feature ads from Google AdSense. The minimum requirement to be accepted is for a blog to have at least twenty well-written and informative posts that may be beneficial to the reader. A blogger earns money each time a visitor clicks on an ad, and the more traffic that a blog receives, the more money it makes.

Foreign Currency

    Display Links from Affiliate Programs on Site.

    Another way an author can earn money from blogging is to display a link from an affiliate program. The amount of money that can be earned here is directly tied to how much traffic a blog receives. I currently display a link from the affiliate program that Fiverr offers. I’m looking forward to the amount of money that I’ll earn from this program in the months to follow.

    Creating a blog has been a rewarding experience for me thus far and making money blogging is a bonus. I also look forward to writing more posts that are both useful and entertaining to my readers.

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