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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Five Jobs That Will Be Obsolete by 2030

    As our country and the world move into this New World Order, certain jobs will become obsolete. With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, many individuals may get left behind if they don’t have the skill set to compete in this new economy. Here are five jobs that I believe will disappear within the next ten years.


    I used to work for a check processing company almost a decade ago in the North Loop of Chicago, and there was a CVS Pharmacy a block away from the job. This particular store was the first to have automated checkout that I know of―most grocery stores began to follow suit in the years to follow, though stores like Walmart and Target didn’t go completely automated as there’s always one or two human cashiers at the checkout lines.


    Bank Tellers.

    The next job to go is the bank teller in my opinion. With less people writing checks these days and online banking becoming the norm in society, there really isn’t much need for bank tellers except for the drive-up teller windows as a significant percentage of people still don’t feel comfortable with depositing money at the ATM. I haven’t used the bank teller since the pandemic, and I pay all of my bills online and deposit my cash and checks at the ATM.

    Postal Workers.

    I bought a book of stamps right before the pandemic in November 2019, and I still have fifteen stamps left. Good thing I bought the forever stamps or else I’d have to buy some of those one-cent stamps to mail a letter. Senior citizens are keeping USPS afloat, and I believe mailing letters will become a thing of the past once the vast majority of companies begin to take a more cost-effective approach to exchanging information.

    Transportation Industry.

    I was an Uber driver from 2016-2018, and I remember the CEO of the company launching a pilot program on the West Coast testing automated cars in certain areas. However, the project was derailed after a woman was struck by an automated car and killed in Tempe, AZ in 2018 and after a multi-million dollar lawsuit with Google over intellectual property was settled. I do believe that once Uber or another company iron out the bugs of this new technology; self-driving cars, trucks, trains, and buses will eventually become the wave of the future.

Convoy of Trucks

    Retail Industry.

    The retail industry has been dying a slow and painful death for years now and has been heavily relying on the holiday season to stay solvent. Shopping at malls is quickly fading away as online shopping is becoming increasingly popular―now more than ever due to the spread of the pandemic. The restaurant and entertainment industries have taken a huge hit because of COVID-19 as well―though I don’t believe that both industries will completely die off.

Shopping Mall

    The economy is going through a shift just like it did in the 80s―when the country moved from a manufacturing industry to a service industry. We are now in the information age, and technology is going to ultimately turn the vast majority of people’s lives upside down.

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