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Monday, July 12, 2021

NCAA Has a Temporary Plan to Compensate College Athletes

 College athletes can now earn some form of revenue while playing for their respective schools under the new NCAA rule change that took effect July 1, 2021, and this rule permits incoming and current student athletes to make money off their names, images, and likeness. They can use their social media accounts to build their brands and make money, get paid from autograph signings, and use an agent without violating NCAA rules.

Fifteen college athletes are already getting paid under the new rule and wasted no time garnering endorsement deals. According to 5Chicago, sisters Hanna and Haley Cavinder from the Fresno State women’s basketball team became spokespeople for Boost Mobile. Bo Nix, the quarterback of the Auburn Tigers, also announced that he received an endorsement deal with Milo’s Tea Company. The new rule is huge because most college athletes won’t have the opportunity to turn pro, and now they can earn money from jersey sales, for example. This wasn’t the case thirty years ago when the Fab Five of the University of Michigan were at the peak of their popularity and weren’t allowed to receive any royalties for their likeness.

College Basketball Player

I personally think that this move by the NCAA is great for college athletes, and it’s a long time coming in my opinion. I never understood why college athletes couldn’t receive some form of compensation while the universities made millions of dollars off the backs of the football, baseball, and basketball programs for decades. Some people might argue that athletes get a free education, but let’s get realthe mass majority of college athletes are there to play sports, periodat least that was the case when I attended college many years ago. I saw players getting paid under the table with cars and cash with my own eyes, and the university lost its eligibility because of it. The old rule bred shady back-alley deals, and at the very least, athletes can now make some money without negative consequences under the new rule.

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