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Friday, July 16, 2021

My Initial Thoughts on Kindle Vella

 Kindle Vella launched its new platform on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, and this new feature allows authors to release their serialized stories one episode at a time. These episodes can range from 600 to 5000 words, and the first three episodes are free. Readers can use tokens that are available for purchase in bundles on Amazon to unlock additional chapters, and authors will receive 50% of the revenue earned from those token bundles. Thousands of stories containing tens of thousands of episodes were released on that day with more stories to follow, and these stories can be found under various genres.

Beautiful Young Woman

Readers can interact with authors by following the ones that they like, and they’ll be notified every time their favorite authors release a new episode. Readers can also interact with their favorite authors by leaving a Thumbs Up on each episode they like and give a Fave award to the stories they enjoyed the most, and Amazon will feature the stories that receive the most Faves in the Kindle store to help readers find popular stories. Authors can speak directly to readers at the end of episodes by sharing insights, and readers can share Kindle Vella stories via email or social media.

My initial thoughts on the new platform are that it has the potential to make a big splash, but authors will have to do most of the heavy lifting just like they did on the KDP platform in the beginning stages. My guess is that it hasn’t fully caught on as readers are slowly discovering Amazon’s newest attraction, and I assume that authors will need to upload new content consistently in order to unlock Amazon’s search engine algorithm function. Overall, I think that it’s worth the investment for authors to add their content to Kindle Vella, and cross promotion on both the Vella and KDP platforms will increase their exposure and create a steady stream of income for years to come.

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