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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Do Readers Judge a Book by Its Cover?

 An author can write a great novel with the potential to reach a wide audience, but it will undoubtedly flop without a good-looking cover design. I remember how excited I was when I completed my first book, and I rushed to put it out on display without taking the necessary steps to ensure that my masterpiece was error-free with a book cover to draw in readers. Needless to say, book sales were virtually nonexistent after my book signing because of a cheesy book cover that I created myself. I chose the cheap route as opposed to hiring a graphic designer to craft my book cover, and I eventually learned the valuable lesson of not being afraid to spend the necessary money in order to achieve the desired amount of book sales in the long run.


A good graphic designer at an affordable rate can be found on Fiverr, and I built my entire production team from this site. A cover with up to three images can cost as little as $50, and an author will break even after just five sales from the low-cost investment of a book cover done professionally.

So, do readers ultimately judge a book by its cover? The answer is yes, in spite of a few good reviews, an excellent plot, or an error-free book. It is definitely worth the $50 - $100 to spend on a freelancer to spruce up a book cover design.

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