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Friday, July 16, 2021

Book Review: Moonshine Lullaby by RoZita Berry

    This story is about a teenage girl named Tonya from Nashville, Tennessee who was the daughter of a famous country singer, and she was on her way to visit her dad in Bascombville, a fictitious town near the Kentucky-Virginia border. Her parents divorced when she was eleven, and she was all set to spend the summer with her dad, stepmom, and stepsister because her mother was scheduled for a nationwide concert tour. She wasn't comfortable about living there in the beginning, but she met a guy who she liked very much and wanted to make Bascombville her permanent home because of it. However, her mom didn't like the idea of her moving there and cut off all communication with her. 

    I thoroughly loved reading this story because growing up on the south side of Chicago, Moonshine Lullaby was a change of paste for me with a surprise twist of crime and mystery. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more books from this author. 

    My Rating:  ★★★★★

Moonshine Lullaby: a Novel by [RoZita Berry]

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