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Friday, June 4, 2021

How to Bounce Back from a Bad Book Review

    As an author, receiving a bad book review from someone who purchased his or her book is par for the course. In fact, one isn’t considered a real author until that first bad review is posted on Amazon―a rites of passage if you will. Bad reviews are inevitable, but how an author deals with that negative feedback is a make-or-break situation.

Pensive Writer

    I remember feeling crushed after I received my first taste of venom from a book reviewer, and I didn’t have the desire to write for several weeks afterwards. However, I was able to suck up the criticism and not quit writing altogether after some deep soul searching. I’ve learned to put a positive spin on things whenever a reader posts something negative about me, and it’s given me a tougher skin and made me a better writer because of it. Constructive criticism is good, and it helps me grow as an author. 

    We as writers have to chew the meat and spit out the bones―bad book reviews or ratings without feedback is just someone’s opinion and doesn’t carry any weight as far as I’m concerned. Personally, I only care about the seventy-five percent of avid readers who love my books, the ten percent of the readers who like my books, and five percenters who give me the constructive criticism that I need the get to the next level as an author. I could care less about the scoffers who don’t have a valid reason other than they don’t like my writing style. It’s impossible to please everyone, so it’s best to not let one bad review outweigh the other nine good reviews. In closing, the only advice that I have is to keep writing and not let the negative feedback discourage you.

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